Why Learning to code is important for the younger generation?

Why Learning to code is important for the younger generation?

Posted by Sultan Khan | September 23, 2017 | Blog


Over the past few decades, computers have transformed both the world and the workforce in many profound ways. As a result, computer science and the technologies it enables now lie at the heart of our economy and the way we live our lives.

To be well-educated citizens in a computing-intensive world and to be prepared for careers in the 21st century, our students must have a clear understanding of the principles and practices of computer science. No other subject will open as many doors in the 21st century as computer science, regardless of a student’s ultimate field of study or occupation.

Knowing how to code not only help you earn good bucks also enhance your creativity and get the freedom to work anywhere. If I talk about why learning to code is important for kids so learning to code help your kids not only gaining higher-order of thinking skills but a chance to choose exciting and more challenging jobs in the future and create some cool stuff that helps to our society.

When children learn how to code, a new world of possibilities opens, they can create new better solutions in their own way. Now the time when kids not only play with games they can also be rewriting a code and modifying it is a possibility by this way increase their imagination to create real solutions, their creativity and confidence will grow.

Learning to code is just like learning new language skills, you can learn in a better way when you practice more, that is why it is best to start at early age I know you are thinking it is hard for your kids to start learning to code but It is quite easy kids will enjoy while learning.

Learning coding at a young age makes kids better thinkers and communicators. This leads to more innovations, thinking logically can be advantageous in the long run,  kids will learn how to make decisions that will make large and overwhelming goals easy to reach, Critical thinking and problem-solving are skills that are important in anywhere outside of the computer science also.

There are many ways to learn to code but the best way is to start with understanding the core areas, trying to solve any problem with real-life scenarios, thinking out of the box, going step by step, and yes practice practice practice.

Finally, every parent would be satisfied that the child is not limited in knowledge. Besides only using smartphones and tablets, there is more to offer for, and coding is a great skill to have in this technology-oriented world.





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