Become a facilitator

People learn by doing, the art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.


Are you the person who is interested and wants to teach Computer Science and other educational subjects?

We bring you opportunities to teach marginalized community members through computer programs delivered to institutions, vocational trainings and schools.Facilitated by trained professionals, our transformative programs cultivate creativit, and bridge generational, social, and economic divides to make science and technology accessible to all.

Interns receive hands-on experience working with marginalized community members. These future leaders expand their world view and cultivate compassion; enriching themselves while changing the lives of others.

Computer Science provides our interns opportunities to interact and cultivate relationships with professional teaching artists through collaboration and mentorship.



  • Prepare CS Activity Plan in advance
  • Attend all the required Internship Program meetings
  • Teach or co-teach with your teaching partner a weekly class at one of our Community Partners’ facilities
  • Submit all the paperwork including Weekly Comments, Final Evaluation, Attendance Sheet in a timely manner



Responsible, diligent and conscientious, good communication skills, a commitment to professional growth interest in art and arts education fields.

If you are interested in being a part of team as a student-teacher internship